WordPress mu random timeouts

I would like to inform the WPMU users about a strange behavior that drove me crazy some days ago.Upgrading from previous versions to the 2.7.1 version, we got strange random errors, some kind of random “hang on” in the wpmu blogs network.After digging for a while, we found this bug: problem totally went away installing php5-curl package, on my debian servers:

apt-get install php5-curl ;/etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Hope this can help


Bandwidth: kbps to GB/month conversion

How you know how much will pay for the bandwidth used in a server inside the Cloud?Often cloud services give you a calculator but this is based on Giga Bytes per Month of traffic but normally you measure bandwidth throughput on your server in kbps.

  1. Install some graphical tool for collection of bandwidth data in your server (like Cacti, Munin, Zabbix ecc.)
  2. After some time (the longer the better, for statistical purposes) take the average bandwidth consumption, often given in kbps (Kilo Bytes per Second)
  3. Convert kbps in GB per month and this where this post become useful 🙂

So to convert kbps in GB/Month we can simply obtain a constant from the following logic steps:

  • 1kbps = 1KiloBitperSecond
  • 1KiloBitperHour = 3600 kbps
  • 1KiloBitperDay = 3600*24 kbps
  • 1KiloBitperMonth = 3600*24*30 kbps
  • 1Bit = 1Byte/8
  • 1Kilo = 1Giga/1.000.000

So the constant will be 3600*24*30/8/1.000.000 = 0.324

For example 150kbps of bandwidth will generate 150*0.324=48.6GB per month trafficor conversely, for example 80GB per Month will be 80/0.324 = 246.91 kbps on average throughtput

Therefore the constant is 0.324 and as a rule of thumb you can remember 0.3 or one/third 😉


Lao Jia Yi Lu – GM Chen ZhengLei

Chen shi Taijiquan first frame, old form, performed by Grand Master Chen ZhengLeiFirst part:Second part:


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