About Perfection


Curtesy of jjjohn photostream

Perfection cannot exist, because life itself is “beautifully imperfect” and the evolution process (or, let’s say, life) needs something to improve itself for evolution to be present, otherwise life would be no more necessary and nothing would be evolving no more.So perfection “as a state” means no space for evolving and no space for evolving means no space for life to be, thus a “dead state of things”.Perfection can be seen instead as a process, but a process is not “separated”, a process is formed by all the things linked and interacting together, by all the universe interacting as a whole.In the process of the life, we can observe that everything is already perfect as it is, but it’s perfection is like that because imperfection is contained within perfection. It is like saying that to be aware of the presence of the light you need to be exposed to the darkness, and then back to the light, because without experiencing the feeling of the darkness, you cannot recognize what the presence of the light is.The idea of Perfection give probably its best value when seen as a cultivation instead than a static reaching point, cultivating “the aim to perfection” (never reaching it and always growing in researching it) can be a good exercise in living, because is not about the endpoint but is all about the journey, is all about the “here and now”.Image is curtesy of jjjohn’s photostream on FlickrThanks to Osho, the Zen and Eckhart Tolle for giving me these understandings.Fabio

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