Month: June 2013

Remove Amalgam Dental Fillings

According to Dr. Theresa Dale, mercury is a toxic substance and it’s toxic to the immune system, it’s been linked to multiple sclerosis and autism, cancer, parkinson’s, alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, chronic depression to name a few.

Get rid of your amalgam dental fillings and do it in a safe way, consulting an holistic dentist (or biological dentistry) first as you don’t want to breath the gas or swallow pieces of the fillings while they are being worked on.

Then after the replacement you can move on and detox your body from heavy metals.

Look at the video to become aware of the toxicity you re being exposed 24/7 if you have amalgam still in your mouth.

Effects of EMF on Life Force

Interesting experiment on how cell phone radiation (microwave EMF) can directly affect life force in living things:

Look at the difference of growth between this 2 batches of seeds (exposed at the exactly same external conditions of temperature, sun, water etc. only difference was radiation exposure):


I’d strongly recommend to keep yourself as distant as you can from your cell phone, an certainly do not sleep with it or nearby it at night! Keep it in another room or the more distant you can from your bed, if you want to listen to audio or music put it at least in flight mode.

By the way, another important thing: get rid of the microwave oven too, that’s very bad for your health too, the food coming out of it is just crappy!

Remember that Your Life Force is Your Vitality and Longevity.

The original article on the seed growth experiment above: