Easy, Harmless and Cheap Detox: Oil Pulling Method

Very nice post on Oil Pulling, which is a very powerful detox habit.
I do Oil pulling myself and strongly recommend it.
Also Dr. Fife book it’s really recommended.

The Medicinal Monkey

A few months ago I heard about a form of detoxification called oil pulling. I immediately became intrigued as to what a spoonful of oil could do for my health. After speaking to other naturopaths and reading up on the subject, I was slightly unsure as to whether the benefits would outweigh the method. The only way to really find out for myself was to give this ancient technique a go. So, armed with a tub of organic coconut oil, considered to be the gentler of the oils, I began the process. Although I had a slightly bumpy beginning, I was completely surprised by the positive results. In fact, I can’t stop banging on about it; much to the detriment of my lovely partner!

Before attempting oil pulling, I didn’t have any ailments I needed solving at the time. However, it still managed to help me in several ways. I…

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By Fabio Pedrazzoli Grazioli

I invest and research in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Software Engineering industry.

Love Personal Development, Healthy Living, Nutrition/Detox, Meditation, Yoga and Martial Arts.

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