Training your mind

Training your mind is like training your dog, after a while you’ll see some very nice results.

-Steve Beck


Gregg Braden – The Lost Mode of Prayer

“The way in which people, of this time in history, respond to the great challenges in their lives individually; those individual responses provide the collective wisdom that determine how we collectively evolve.”

Welcome to the holographic universe.




Great Jedi blog post guys, gladly reblogging it! 😀
Coming from an IT and hacking background (white hat hacking, the side of the force), I found useful to think about the practice of watching your thoughts, or witnessing, to something similar to the process manager observing the tasks in the computer. The first step to take action on negative programming, just like with anything else, is to be aware of it : )
Great also the cancel technique.
Have a wonderful week!


buddha what we think

Over the last couple of years I have become fascinated with the idea that everything in your life is a result of what goes on in your mind.

If there are two twins that are the exact same in every way, except that one is relentlessly positive and the other is endlessly negative, their lives would be completely different.

They could encounter the exact same scenarios and obstacles but they would perceive them in different ways. The positive person would see them as a chance to grow, and the negative person would see them as evidence that you can never succeed.

With this in mind I am convinced that learning to skew your mind towards the positive and the useful is the best way to completely transform your life.

Here are the three steps to learning to control your mind like a Jedi.

1) Observe your thoughts.

In order to…

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