Corey Goode @ Mt Shasta

If you want a real quick catch up on 1 year and a half of Secret Space Program material plus very interesting Q & A all squeezed in about 3 hours this video series is excellent!

Thanks Corey and Mt Shasta SSP Conference!

PS: On Part 1 Corey stops a bit short with the slides of his presentation, if you want to see the whole story as a slide show before Q&A go to Part 2 before Part 1 Q&A, then go back to part 1  Q&A and then part 2 Q&A, or just watch is as it is because it’s great material anyway 🙂





Comparing Bentonite Clay, Diatomaceous Earth and Activated Charcoal

In this interesting video Bentonite Clay, Diatomaceous Earth and Activated Charcoal are compared in terms of benefits and use cases, thanks Claudia (I hope I spelled your name right) 🙂



William Tompkins: Selected by extraterrestrials

The content of this interview is simply outstanding, and nonetheless this could be just part of the planned partial disclosure but still well worth and well over most of 99.99% of people.

The demeanour of Tompkins is remarkable, he looks and feels like abiding in emotional maturity (yes, he is 92, but emotional maturity often has little to do with age).

He speaks and refers to the interviewers and the hole human race as “you” and “your planet”, as if intending perhaps he is not from here? Or maybe he was and he’s not any more considering himself like that? Very interesting.

I’ll try to make a recap of the essential aspects here the next time I watch it! It’s 3 hours of awesome, super interesting information, thanks William Tompkins and Project Camelot!

Enjoy 🙂



Rupert Spira digs deep into the concept of time

This is, in my observation, one of Rupert‘s masterpieces and that’s why I love his teachings so much.

Rupert is able to guide you into Awareness, articulating the experience with fantastic lucidity.

Is the “now” moving along a line of time? How fast is it going? In reality, the now is motionless, it’s not going anywhere, it’s not moving, it’s ever present. It’s the only now that ever is. Conversely, it is thought that appears in the now and goes away.

“Time is what eternity looks like when viewed by the mind.”

As soon as thought vanishes, like in deep sleep, time disappears too.

Nothing takes place in time. “Thought” cannot go into the now, it can only think.

With thought, we can go quite to the edge of the now, but as thought touches the now, thought dies.



Recommended books: Thank and Grow Rich

I just finished reading this book and I recommend it very much!

You will learn stuff like the gratitude mala, the wonder woman pose, the lunatic grin, and so much more, good stuff : )

Great work Pam!