Rupert Spira: Difference between “Ego, or Separate Self” and “Finite Mind”

In this video Rupert clarifies the differences between “ego, or separate self” and “finite mind”:

“It is true that in order to have objective experience, it is necessary for infinite awareness to know experience through the agency of a finite mind; (but) it is not necessary to believe that I am that finite mind.

So the ego, or the apparently separate self, is a belief, it is not simply the functioning of the finite mind.

The finite mind is the character, the clothing that infinite consciousness assumes in order to have objective experience; identification with that finite mind is not necessary, that identification is the activity that I refer to as ego or separate self .

In other words the ego or separate self is not itself an entity, it is the (illusory) activity of believing and feeling I am temporary and finite”.

By Fabio Pedrazzoli Grazioli

I invest and research in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Software Engineering industry.

Love Personal Development, Healthy Living, Nutrition/Detox, Meditation, Yoga and Martial Arts.

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