Quantum Computing is Nowhere Near at Breaking Cryptos

In this video Andreas explains why quantum computing is still in the early stages and not really effective at breaking the signatures of crypto algorithms.

At the current time, most of it seems quite like a smart marketing operation.

Even if they could succeed at that we would have bigger issues to solve today, like for example preventing nukes to fall on our heads 🙂

In the next decade they might be able to make some advancements but the whole market will evolve too and probably quantum computing will be on everyone’s mobile phone, and at that point we will have a quantum resistant blockchain made with quantum computers …

So nothing to worry about, although it’s good to keep in mind that the best way to secure your blockchain transactions is to never spend more than once with that address, because knowledge of the public key can facilitate breaking the signature, that means, every time you spend, move everything to a new address so even if the old address is compromised, it will have nothing in it any more.

How to Escape the Debt Slavery System and Grow Your Wealth

This video explains a very important concept, inflation, which is one of the ways through which the masses of the world are kept in slavery.

Basically the purchasing power of people’s money always goes down, and if you are not part of the elite which has a lot of other means of investing, it’s harder and harder to develop your wealth under this money dynamics.

With cryptocurrencies we can change this and bring more transparency and honesty into our beautiful world.