Lifestyle Regenerative Detoxification

Gorilla Milk :)

Lifestyle Regenerative Detoxification

Dr. Morse: Fruit and Consciousness

Fruit is the highest energy food on the planet and will help raise your level of consciousness, moves the electro magnetic energy in your body nearer to the higher chakras polarising for less aggressivity and more experience of connection to oneness.


Lifestyle Regenerative Detoxification

Detoxify your third eye

In this amazing video Paramahansa Nithyananda explains how to properly detox the pineal gland, one of the things I did not know is that the Turmeric you ingest will only mostly detox and heal the GI track, which is great, but actually to detox and cleanse deeply the rest of the body and organs like the (often very fluoride calcified) pineal gland, turmeric should be applied on the skin.

Remember that turmeric will stain very much, you will turn yellow! So when you apply it on your forehead you will need a good wash to remove the color. Nothing wrong with that, I actually like the yellow color of turmeric very much, but sometimes it is a little unpractical if you have to turn up in the office the next day in a western city … LOL 😀

Coconut oil, followed by a good wash with organic soap will help very much for cleaning the skin.

Get the turmeric organic or if you have a slow masticating juicer or a mortar make a paste with the organic root directly.

If you are 20, 1 week will decalcify your pineal gland.

If you are 40, 2 weeks.

If you are 80, in about a month you’ll be cleansed.

Watch the video for all the details.


Nithyanandam and much love

Lifestyle Regenerative Detoxification

Which Side of Chemistry are 99% of Health Issues Coming From?

Introduction to the 2 sides of chemistry and the importance to stay on the alkaline side.
The concept of terrain modification to bring the body back to a point of healthy balance.
Why parasites exists and how to “set them free”