Dr. Robert Morse ND Debunks the Concept of Deficiencies

Dr. Morse is really an inspiring force, I love the way he thinks about simplicity and his deep knowledge of the body, mind and spiritual matter too.

Dr. Morse notes the importance of using natural detoxification to improve the function of the four basic processes:


He notes that using isolated vitamin and mineral supplements to “correct” deficiencies is “treatment-based thinking” which is not able to restore underlying malfunctions.

Cleaning and strengthening the body, especially the endocrine glands, will allow proper utilisation of the nutrition coming in to the body from raw, living foods.

Thank you Dr. Morse!


Corey Goode @ Mt Shasta

If you want a real quick catch up on 1 year and a half of Secret Space Program material plus very interesting Q & A all squeezed in about 3 hours this video series is excellent!

Thanks Corey and Mt Shasta SSP Conference!

PS: On Part 1 Corey stops a bit short with the slides of his presentation, if you want to see the whole story as a slide show before Q&A go to Part 2 before Part 1 Q&A, then go back to part 1  Q&A and then part 2 Q&A, or just watch is as it is because it’s great material anyway 🙂