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Bitcoin is Hope


Crypto Bull Run Cash Out Strategy

*obviously not financial advice : )

Great video below from Colin Talks Crypto, on the end of the 2021/2022 Crypto Bull Run cash out strategy, here are some highlights:

  • Follow the index for cash out (>90) and cash in (<20)
  • Example: DCA out 5-10% every point above 90 on the index CBBI index (I would start DCA out earlier than that)
  • Keep 30% in crypto for a possible super cycle or possible Black Swan event for rest of the economy.
  • Allocate Gold/PAXG/Stablecoins/FIAT
  • Unload everything except BTC and ETH (I would consider adding some XMR and maybe some other notable ones in small bags)
  • Mind the time gap between BTC top and Alts tops, and lower caps will stretch out even more, with and inverse proportion relationship (lower caps, top and exit later, but higher risk to fall off the cliff)
  • Recommends UST (Terra stablecoin) saying it is the most secure stablecoin

Remember to plan your work and work your plan.

If you fail to plan you plan to fail.

It is better to be prepared and not have an opportunity than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.

Good luck and let’s get ready for the ride!

Much Love



On Confront, Respect, Variety and Harmony

It is ok to confront each others to grow together (nobody is expected to be perfect) but it should be done with emotional maturity and respect, otherwise things can go down the drain very fast.

We can appreciate and treasure our differences and point of views as long as they do not invade our personal sovereignty; if something “outside” has the power to emotionally upset us, it should be seen as an opportunity to work inside us to transmute/integrate that energy.

In my journey of personal development I noticed the most successful people are always looking at ideas different from their owns to expand themselves, these ideas can then be taken, evaluated and integrated or discarded by us according to our own perspective.

We can live in a world where there are variety and harmony at the same time, it is really up to us and the way we see/accept/integrate things.

Please be kind to each others, the parasitical controlling elite class work like a team and that is why they are very efficient and organized. The dark side will always try to “divide and rule” us.

Conversely, also try not to take offense if someone else happens to insult or disrespect you, if you take offense from their actions, you are disempowering yourself.

If a negative circumstance has the power to “pull you down” you loose and they win. If you stay in your high vibes you will win and eventually they will win too.

The dark side is “I win you loose” the Jedi side is “We all win, eventually”.

On our side, the Jedi side, I think disobedience can be a virtue 🙂 but disobedience powered by respect and love for each others ❤️🙏


The Philosophy of Bitcoin and How it Could Change the World As We Know It | Robert Breedlove

Good day all ☀️

I just finished watching this interview and I’m elated; they touch and explore so many rabbit holes and any of these would be another 2 hours in itself but overall I think they ended up with a masterpiece.

Highly recommended material.

Go Bitcoin!