Fabulous Affirmations

Fabulous Affirmations, Season 1, Module 1

Here are some affirmations recorded reading KT’s Nuggets of Gold newsletter, (this content is published with permission), hope you will enjoy! 

Always good during the day, best to listen when in Alpha state, easier times to do that 10 min right after waking up and before falling asleep, or while meditating.

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May you never be the same! 🙂


Optimize your breakfast to skyrocket your day :)

ImageIf you like me love juicing, you know the tremendous benefits of it.

When you start your day with juicing, you also know that the whole process from cleaning the veggies to cleaning the masticating cold press slow juicer is going to take about 20 minutes.

I love these 20 minutes because it’s the perfect amount of time you exactly need for another tremendous health practice: Oil pulling (best with coconut oil if you can)

And in the meantime, you can do another thing and the most important of all 3, leverage the way you think, listening to positive uplifting audios, to Kick Start and Skyrocket your day!!! 🙂

Try this for a while and let me know the effect of it and I will see you at the top!
Have a great Monday

Love and Light