The Shocking TRUTH About Biology


Bruce Lipton and Tom Campbell on the Nature of Reality

Why is it that the answer to all that is fundamental is Love? Love is the state you get to as you evolve your consciousness 7:09

The movie “The Matrix” is not science fiction, it’s a documentary 🙂   24:55

The way an information system evolve is by lowering the entropy  29:30



Bruce Lipton and Rupert Sheldrake on “The Field” and the Placebo effect.

Particularly interesting the part about placebo between 40:00 and 55:00 but all talk is outstanding indeed.



Bruce Lipton: the end of the caterpillar and the beginning of the butterfly

What’s happening in the world today … it’s the end of the caterpillar and the beginning of the butterfly for the organism we call humanity.

Humanity at large can be seen as a unique organism on a “higher octave” in the same way as the human body composed by trillions of cells can be seen as an individual.

Knowledge is power, we base our world on our knowledge, and the knowledge we’ve been operating from in the last couple of centuries is based on a misperception of reality.

The recent discoveries of Epigenetics over the last decades confirmed that it’s not genes that control you but genes are responding to the environment.

In Dr. Bruce Lipton’s experiments, stem cells with same DNA grown together and then divided in different Petri dishes became muscle, bones or fat cells based on the environment in which they were living, not based on their DNA which was the same for all cultures.

This change in perspective has tremendous implications in regards to the understanding of life, when you understand you are not controlled by your genes but by your environment, it’s like the difference between being the victim and being the no-excuses co-creator of your reality.

Thanks Dr. Bruce Lipton for this fantastic message!

Enjoy the video



Bruce Lipton: outstanding interview

In this outstanding interview Dr. Bruce Lipton expands on the relationship between conscious and subconscious, explaining wonderfully and with great metaphors how our perception of reality has been “programmed” by our past experiences and how we can reprogram the subconscious for automatic success.

You are powerful beyond your belief, or as Alan Watts would put it, you are God on Earth playing a part where you are pretending you are not.

There are effective ways to get reprogrammed to improve your set of beliefs.

We are all one, we are all connected, we are all in the same “garden” here on planet Earth. The more you believe in yourself the less fearful you will be, and the less fear you have the more you will see others as friends instead of enemies because as a matter of fact there are no enemies “outside” if you don’t have enemies “inside”. It’s all about the eye of the beholder.

Contrast coming from “outside” is just another opportunity to practice forgiveness. Be thankful for it, change and move on.

The main steam media is a joke, keeping people in a sleeping coma of absolute hypnosis which is so far away from reality the sooner you unplug from it the better, and those who are stuck in it are suffering the grinding contrast of living in a world “paddling against the natural flow”.

Modern science has already plentiful demonstrated there is no separation in the universe, all is connected.

Quantum Physics explains this wonderfully, look for example at books like “The Field” by Lynne McTaggart or documentaries like “What the Bleep do we know” but you don’t need to go deep down the rabbit hole of quantum physics to understand this, just think about the air you are breathing, can you separate from it and still be alive in this physical vehicle we call human experience? Obviously no. We are all connected in so many levels, air, water, food, psychology through the mind with thoughts, the body energetic systems, emotions etc.

The “survival of the fittest” mentality is the sure way to create a crappy reality, that is not the way of nature.

Sure competition exists in nature but that is not the norm, it is actually the exception, nature works as a whole like an orchestra in harmony. The old “Newtonian” mechanistic view is just a shadow of an old way of thinking which has been utterly surpassed by our actual knowledge, we are in the evolutionary phase where the power structures of the world are living the inertia of the past model which is soon going to collapse.

As a matter of fact for people like Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Kevin Trudeau, Ed Foreman, the Morters and many other pioneers of this new world view know the old paradigm is already collapsed and I can only agree with that, what I can see is the awakening and the dawn of a new, beautiful reality, here and now today.

Would we need to go through some challenges? Maybe or maybe not, you choose how to see it. Will it be easy? You choose, you decide, you create. Play the game of life according to your rules. Look for the good, enjoy the ride, have fun in this game of life, and the ride will be easy and most awesome.

The hardest challenge is ultimately the most precious gift, and if or when situation would present to you just remember the old British proverb: “A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor”.

We are all players in an era which has ultimately the potential of bringing paradise on planet Earth.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy Bruce Lipton’s interview!