Chocolate Truffles


This recipe is very easy, just soak a cup of nuts like cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts etc. (even mixed together, just have fun playing and experimenting with it, remember the first ingredient is LOVE and having fun is kinda close to the emotional state of Love : )

Cashews are quick, even only 20min are enough, hazelnuts and walnuts are a bit slower and may require some hours and almonds, even slower may require one night ore more.

After soaking for a couple of hours put in the food processor with coconut oil, raisins a bit of honey and a sprinkle of salt (always use himalayan pink or sea salt, the other one is just poison, remember is very important, I’ll talk about salt specifically in a next post)


Then as soon as you have a paste add raw cacao powder to taste and to form a mouldable sticky paste. Prepare a large cup or a dish with some cacao powder on it or dried coconut flakes and with a teaspoon you can now spoon out the paste, roll in your hands and then pass in the dish for the cacao “coating” : )   

Put the balls in the fridge, the coconut oil will get harder and everything will be ready very soon!