An Alternative Take on a Kardashev Scale Conversation

After watching an interesting video about the Kardashev scale I felt inspired to write some comments on it.

The original video is here:

It’s a great video and a great channel by the way give give A.J. a follow! : )

I think this video takes in consideration mostly the modern scientific or “left brain” view, like a mechanical view of the universe in which consciousness would come out of matter.

I am more inclined to subscribe to a different view, where matter is actually coming out of consciousness and the limitations of what we can perceive in this game we are playing called “life on Earth” are due to our evolution of consciousness.

In this model, technological advancement would be directly proportional to our “vibration”, meaning how loving and compassionate we are and our capacity to see each others as a “single organism”. We would still maintain our individuality too but we would know we’d be part of something bigger, just like a single organ or a single cell in a human body is a finite system and at the same time part of the whole human body.

In this scenario a perfect fail-safe mechanism would be designed into the game to avoid self destruction, in our case the incredible distance between civilizations that can be overcome only when our levels of love, compassion and thus tech advancement would be ready for merging that gap safely for both civilizations.

Technological advancement without a “oneness/holistic view” built on a foundation of love would certainly mean self destruction out of ignorance, just like what would happen in giving a loaded machine gun to a monkey to play with in a room full of people, because with power comes responsibility.

There are many spiritual traditions that have been on our planet already for thousands of years affirming this view, for example the Indian Advaita non-duality and Yogic tradition, as yoga means “union” or we could say “oneness”, or Daoism, where “The Dao” could be defined as “the one thing out of which everything originates”.

I heard something similar to this I think from Dr. Steven Greer years ago.

What do you think? : )

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