Fabulous Affirmations

Fabulous Affirmations, Season 1, Module 1

Here are some affirmations recorded reading KT’s Nuggets of Gold newsletter, (this content is published with permission), hope you will enjoy! 

Always good during the day, best to listen when in Alpha state, easier times to do that 10 min right after waking up and before falling asleep, or while meditating.

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Look for the good in everything


“I have noticed that people are dealing too much with the negative, with what is wrong… Why not try the other way, to look into the patient and see positive things, to just touch those things and make them bloom?”

~Thich Nhat Hanh~

Thanks Thich Nhat Hanh and thhanks to Kevin Trudeau too, who often mentions this concept in his teachings.

Look for the good in everything, always. Whatever you feel, will put forth corcumstances, event, people and situations in your life that will make you experience more of the same feeling.

Your current daily emotional state is the indicator of what you have been vibrating earlier and what you are going to get in your future.

Much Love.


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