2012 GIN Leadership Cruise

In January I had the honor to attend a great event, the GIN (Global Information Network) Leadership Cruise 2012.

It’s been a dream! 5 days at sea in full immersion with great like minded people (about 3000!) having great seminars on Health, Whealth and Success principles with speakers like Kevin Trudeau (the Author of Natural Cures and many other books), Peter Ragnar, Doctor Coldwell (also known as “Dr.C“), the Morter Doctors (BEST), Mary Miller, Joel Bauer and much more.

All the speaker has been amazing. I particularly loved Peter Ragnar and his seminar “The Science of Luck”.

Peter gave us a greats affirmations, great point of view to find peace and harmony inside ourselves and Doctor C gave us a great charge!!!

I strongly recommend any material from these two wonderful mentors!

Peter Ragnar’s website:

Doctor Colwell’s:

And of course, all the great and useful information Kevin Trudeau is talking about on his website:


With Peter Ragnar and Dr. C at the 2012 leadership cruise.