How to find a mentor. Who do you listen to?

“If you want things in your life to change you’ve got to have to change things in your life”
-Brian Tracy

Sometimes, when you start changing things in your life is good to get advice from somebody that made it before you.
In our Club we call these people Mentors.

  1. The suggestion is that you listen to people who have what you want.
    First you should have clear ideas about your dreams, goals and desires.
    Then choose mentors that have what you want and have been where you are and their level of success should be measurable.
  2. Listen to people that have been where you are today in their past, so they walked the same path you are supposed to be walking to reach your results.
  3. Listen to yourself. At the end of the day follow your heart and do what you love and what makes you feel happy

Have a great day!