Macadamia nut cheese


Nut cheese? Yes of course! And it’s delicious and healthy : )

This one is made with macadamia nuts, probiotics and some herbs.

1) Soak the nuts for a couple of hours until they get a bit swallen and soft

2) Rinse and change the water, then put the nuts in a blender and add water, (slowly!) and blend until you get a paste, should be a bit liquid but not too much, like a cream.

3) Add the probiotics, for 2 cups of nuts I put normally one or two capsules or one sachet or half a teaspoon, make you experiments because it depends on so many things like the quality of the probiotics etc.

4) Blend a bit more to mix, not too much

5) Transfer the cream obtained in a cheesecloth and hang it on a strainer or in a jar to let the excess water drop down and allow the fermentation process

6) In the hot climate, like tropics, 12 hours could be enough, in temperate climate you may want to let the fermentation going on for 24 hours or more

7) Transfer the paste (now it should definitely be more like a paste than a cream) in a bowl and add pink salt or seasalt to the taste, you can also add some herbs like tyme, coriander, cayenne pepper, basil etc. and lime or lemon juice now. I suggest to make different small batches to have different tastes, specially in the beginning.

8) Put the cheese in a small tupperware, depending on the type of nuts, the cheese will take some days to get harder, macadamia for example is quicker than cashews. I like to keep the cheesecloth inside so it become easy to take it out and check “the brick”. I know … the bigger problem is you will eat it all, more and more every time you check it out eheheh : ) 

9) Let it rest in the fridge and after 2 or 3 days you should get a firm texture.

10) If you want the rind, like the one in the picture, once the cheese is firm, you can dehydrate it for some hours

In the pics the macadamia cheese with rind. (sorry for the pics are a bit dark)


Macadamia cheese on a flax “pizza” cracker with lime, cucumber and cilantro, yummy!



Chocolate Truffles


This recipe is very easy, just soak a cup of nuts like cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts etc. (even mixed together, just have fun playing and experimenting with it, remember the first ingredient is LOVE and having fun is kinda close to the emotional state of Love : )

Cashews are quick, even only 20min are enough, hazelnuts and walnuts are a bit slower and may require some hours and almonds, even slower may require one night ore more.

After soaking for a couple of hours put in the food processor with coconut oil, raisins a bit of honey and a sprinkle of salt (always use himalayan pink or sea salt, the other one is just poison, remember is very important, I’ll talk about salt specifically in a next post)


Then as soon as you have a paste add raw cacao powder to taste and to form a mouldable sticky paste. Prepare a large cup or a dish with some cacao powder on it or dried coconut flakes and with a teaspoon you can now spoon out the paste, roll in your hands and then pass in the dish for the cacao “coating” : )   

Put the balls in the fridge, the coconut oil will get harder and everything will be ready very soon!




Always soak your nuts and seeds : )

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Nuts and seeds are an incredible rich source of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fibers, aminoacids, good fats and enzymes but they are protected by some enzyme inhibitors, think about natural preservatives.
As a matter of fact nuts and seed can stay long time in your kitchen without spoiling or sprouting and that’s due to this enzyme inhibitors.
When we eat them though, we want to avoid ingesting these natural preservatives because they can slow down the digestion process and make it much more difficult to take place, instead, we want to soak them and start their germination or sprouting activity getting all the great life force they can give us when they are awakening their life.
So therefore, it’s very important:
  1. Always soak nuts and seeds, every nut or seed have different times the tough they are the more you may want to let them soak, for example almonds can soak from overnight to 24hrs, for cashews one hour could be enough and for pumpking or sunflowr seeds 30min would be enough, of course it depends also on the environmental conditions, in tropical areas the process will be quicker than in temperate or cold places.   
  2. Trow away the water which will be full of those enzyme inhibitors
  3. Rinse
  4. Enjoy!