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Kim Dot Com on Ivan on Tech, Legendary Interview! :)

An epic stream with one of the legends of the Internet – Kim DotCom!


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How to secure and protect your email privacy

Google doesn’t believe that people can reasonably expect their emails to stay private when emailing a Gmail user, even if they don’t use Gmail.

At least, that’s what the Internet giant articulated in a brief that was filed last month in federal court and recently surfaced by Consumer Watchdog. The document was written in response to a class-action lawsuit accusing Google of violating wiretap law when it scans emails to serve up targeted ads.

Google was also named by the Guardian newspaper in June as one of the companies that gives the NSA “direct access to its systems” as part of a surveillance program called PRISM. Google has denied the allegations; the company’s Chief Legal Officer David Drummond told the Guardian that the company is “not in cahoots with the NSA and there’s no government program that Google participates in that allows the kind of access that the media originally reported.”

So the situation is not very clear, but what’s most important is for you to be aware when you are using third party providers for your content you should always check their terms and conditions. Google is a great company but once you reach the size is not any more about them but it becomes something in relation to the government, ny many companies that didn’t want to accept some of those privacy laws have been shut down already.

Obviously there is nothing to hide … but on the other side is good to know who can read your mail without even telling you about doing it, isn’t it?

To go back to the question in the title, I personally like a provider called, their servers are hosted in Iceland, where there is a stronger constitution in respects of privacy.

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