Systema Seminar with Andreas Weitzel in Athens, 12-13 September 2009


Andreas Weitzel has been training in combat sports (free wrestling) and martial arts (combat Sambo) from an early age, and is been training in Systema for the last 17 years. He was a student of Systema founder, Michael Ryabko, Sergei Borschow and Valentin Talanov and he still trains regularly with them. Antreas is a professional Systema trainer, head of the European Systema Association – ESA) and director of the first Systema school in Germany, the RSMA Academy in Augsburg; in his school, he teaches weaponless self defense and historical European fencing. He is also authorized to travel, teach seminars and represent Systema in Germany and Europe.Seminar Content: ground fighting – defense from punches – wrestling – escape from holds – knife throwing. Costs: 2 days 120 EUR – 1 day 70 EUR (accomodation available inside the gym for a 10 EUR symbolic price)Further info here: