Green Smoothies


Green smoothies are a great way to improve our nutrition, loose weight, a great aid to put ourself back in shape super quickly either in our body and mind, giving a bit of rest to our digestion system.

One of the greates mith is we are weak if we do not eat, this can be true in the long run, but in our modern society 99.9% of people have just the opposite problem, which is a weakened and intoxicated digestive system due to junk foods and bad nutritional habits.

Consider this green smoothies habit like an oil or brake job you do regularly on your car, you do it for the car or the motorbike and you can recognize the value of it right? So why don’t give such a present to your beloved body?


It’s not required to be an expert, and perfection is never achieved because the beauty is in traveling and not at the end : ) So if there’s a part of you saying “I’m not able to do this” just don’t listen to that. : )

Start now, do it now. A decent action done today is infinitely more powerful than a pefect action that is never started. Do it now and you will see awesome results!


To get started fast, the recipe is:

  • Half green leaf veggies
  • Half fruit
  • Some water, enough to get your preferred density (start small and add up)
  1. Get a blender (better if high speed)
  2. Fill it up with the green leafy veggies
  3. Add water
  4. GO! Blend until everything is liquid
  5. Add fruit
  6. Blend again
  7. Enjoy you green smoothie!


Have fun trying and making experiments, there are thousands of variants for every taste and I bet in one, two or three times you’ll be a wizard 🙂

If you want to loose weight, replace one meal per day and you’ll see great results in a couple of days.

Some suggestions:

  • When you choose your veggies and fruit stay as much as you can local, in season and organic. 
  • Cut off the stalks to have a smooth and enjoyable smoothie. (you can save them for juicing later)
  • If you don’t have a powerful blender, chop everything in small pieces to help the process.
  • For the greens, the greener the better, so for example romaine lettuce is better than the white one.
  • Start with soft veggies, like spinach, green salads and than the more you get used to it you can try tough veggies like kale etc.
  • Its very important “to rotate” your greens to give the body a great variety of nutrients.
  • To “go pro” you can add some superfoods like Spirulina, Goji Berries, Cacao, Maca etc.

 A quick suggestion to start?

Fresh spinach, bananas and strawberries!


mmmmmm! Buonissimo! 🙂