Bruce Lipton: the end of the caterpillar and the beginning of the butterfly

What’s happening in the world today … it’s the end of the caterpillar and the beginning of the butterfly for the organism we call humanity.

Humanity at large can be seen as a unique organism on a “higher octave” in the same way as the human body composed by trillions of cells can be seen as an individual.

Knowledge is power, we base our world on our knowledge, and the knowledge we’ve been operating from in the last couple of centuries is based on a misperception of reality.

The recent discoveries of Epigenetics over the last decades confirmed that it’s not genes that control you but genes are responding to the environment.

In Dr. Bruce Lipton’s experiments, stem cells with same DNA grown together and then divided in different Petri dishes became muscle, bones or fat cells based on the environment in which they were living, not based on their DNA which was the same for all cultures.

This change in perspective has tremendous implications in regards to the understanding of life, when you understand you are not controlled by your genes but by your environment, it’s like the difference between being the victim and being the no-excuses co-creator of your reality.

Thanks Dr. Bruce Lipton for this fantastic message!

Enjoy the video