An Open Debate on Fruit Sugar


Diet an Lifestyle, Tip2: The biggest enemy, Refined Carbohydrates


Example of refined carbs, image is courtesy of Julie70's photostream on Flickr
To quote Roy Martina, “refined” means: we take the best part of that food and give it to the pigs,  then we eat the rest :)Normally we eat white bread, white pasta, white rice, white sugar etc.When we eat refined carbohydrates, the food is quickly broken down and transformed in glucose, or sugar.Then we get high sugars in the blood and the pancreas have to react to it producing insulin.The more we eat refined carbs the more the pancreas get stressed and tired for this day by day extra work with the result the insuline the pancreas will be producing will not be  the quality or the quantity it should be.With a poor tired pancreas, we get what is called insulin resistance and our body will immediately turn the sugars into fats.IMPORTANT: this is not only for sugar, this is for all refined carbohydrates, so remember you are stressing your pancreas with refined carbohydrates.Carbohydrates need to come together with fibers, as mother nature bring it to us. Fibers are needed to slow down the absorption of carbs in the blood.So “stay raw” as much as you can, the best diet come with unprocessed food.Raw means whole, or not refined, for example whole bread, whole rice, whole pasta etc. but also means, when possible, not cooked as well, or at least less cooked. There always are exceptions to this, for example, regarding the whole food an exeption are people affected by coeliac disease and, concerning the cooking, there could be some bad hygienic situations in which cooking is better than raw. But, in all the other cases, the lesser cooked and refined, the better. Every time we cook the food we are denaturating it in some way.This is a very simple rule of thumb we can take, eating more salads and fruit when we have no other choices, for example at the restaurant. Statistics say: from people making diets, the ones who eat things from nature are the one in the best condition. If we would put the 50% of food we eat in the raw diet section it would already be a big step forward, just keep it in mind, in the background of your lifestyle.From the energy point of view, when we do not have enough fibers, the toxins go into the blood and we feel more fatigue, lack of energy etc. Fibers are either more important and not just for that, they drag the toxins out of the colon, and in this way toxins “gets out of us”. Fibers are good for the quality of the stools. Observing the stools, it should be rich in fibers, a bit like horses, LOL :), solid, but not “too elastic and lucid”. Looking at your stools tells you about the quality of your diet, please remember it every time you sit on that … “chair” :)We want to have a fiber rich diet, the more fibers the better.So refined carbohydrates are the worst enemy, and from this group, sugar is the very number one enemy, because sugar make always the body acid, and an acid environment invites the bacteria to come. Furthermore, it is bad for your joints, and for the circulation. Vegetables and fruits give instead an alkaline environment.We want to eliminate sugar as much as possible and remember, everything is quality and quantity, for example, the honey or the whole sugar are better than white sugar, but if you take it in great quantity it is bad as well.Unfortunately, nowadays, sugar is almost anywhere, so you need to be careful about what you are eating. To make an example sodas are a very big source of sugar, stay away from it. (drinks will be covered in another tip section, for now keep in mind that water is always the best choice)Hope you are finding it interesting, please do not hesitate to contribute with some feedback if you like, and if you wanna dig more, here is another pointer on this topic, from Scott Sonnon, worldwide known as the flow coachCan You Get Sober (from Sugar)? Take care 😉