Cherished Romance and Time (Kaala)

“Anything you feel it makes you powerful you feel cherished romance with it,

Cherished romance makes the frequency of you in tune with time,

that is why time is forgotten when you are in love,

when you are in love you don not know how time passes.

Being in Cherished Romance with your whole life is mastering the time dimension.”



Rupert Spira digs deep into the concept of time

This is, in my observation, one of Rupert‘s masterpieces and that’s why I love his teachings so much.

Rupert is able to guide you into Awareness, articulating the experience with fantastic lucidity.

Is the “now” moving along a line of time? How fast is it going? In reality, the now is motionless, it’s not going anywhere, it’s not moving, it’s ever present. It’s the only now that ever is. Conversely, it is thought that appears in the now and goes away.

“Time is what eternity looks like when viewed by the mind.”

As soon as thought vanishes, like in deep sleep, time disappears too.

Nothing takes place in time. “Thought” cannot go into the now, it can only think.

With thought, we can go quite to the edge of the now, but as thought touches the now, thought dies.



Intellect and time

The intellect delights in investigating the past and the future but does not look to the present.
-Ramana Maharshi