Master Tonic Recipe; Homemade Remedy for Health and Longevity


From my friend Nadia’s blog,

This master tonic is easy to make, a little shot every day to support your health – made with wonderfully healing foods.

Take your health into your own hands. This Master Tonic is a rendition of a very old method of taking care of ourselves. As I make and use this I feel as if I am bringing age old wisdom into my home and into my life.

Anyone can do this .. “let food by thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

This is a great natural home remedy that is so great to have on hand. This health tonic is a remedy that is perfect to take every day for immune support and overall health support.

If you are sick with the cold or flu, allergies or congestion this Master Tonic can also be taken to help your body to heal faster.

As a preventative (for general health, immune system support and longevity) take a shot (1oz) every day. In our home this is something that we do every day throughout the winter months.

When sick, take a 1oz shot 2-3 times a day.

This tonic (I have also heard it referred to as ‘Fire Cider’) is made with foods that have long been known for their health properties, of which just a few of the many are listed below for each ingredient;

Ginger: stimulates digestion, eases digestive distress, alleviates nausea, boosts circulation, respiration and nervous system function, eases congestion, cleanses systemically, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, fights cold and flu symptoms.
Onion: supports kidney function, great for skin and hair, antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, antibiotic, anti-parasitic, can help move heavy metals out of the system, fights cold and flu symptoms.
Garlic: anti-parastic, great for skin and hair, stimulates metabolism, fights cold and flu symptoms, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, supports spleen, pancreas, stomach, kidney and lung functions, helps to normalize blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol, supports healthy gut flora, helps to eliminate toxins.
Horseradish Root: increases circulation, stimulates the lung and colon functions, antibacterial, good source of iron and potassium, fights cold and flu symptoms.
Hot Peppers: anti-parasitic, high in antioxidants, mood enhancer, enhances blood circulation, supports spleen, pancreas, stomach, colon, lung and heart functions, stimulates digestion, dispels mucous, eases congestion, fights cold and flu symptoms, cleanses systemically.
Turmeric: supports spleen, pancreas, liver and stomach functions, enhances digestion, supports immune system functions, cleanses systemically, fights cold and flu symptoms, anti-bacterial, aids in regulating blood sugar.
Apple Cider Vinegar (raw and organic): increases circulation – moving blockages both physically and emotionally, normalizes pH, cleanses the digestive tract, supportive of the gallbladder/liver functions, helps joint function, fights off fatigue, headaches, food poisoning, insomnia.

Master Tonic Recipe; Homemade Remedy for Health and Longevity.